Visit our Library Tech Commons - ON HOLD

  • We warmly welcome parents to make use of the Library Tech Commons. We open at 7:30am each day. Parents of boys in the Lower and Middle Schools should plan to stay and engage with their sons until it is time for homeroom to start. This is a wonderful time to choose books or read together and enables us to provide a scholarly atmosphere for the older boys who are often finishing assignments at this time. 
  • After school, families are also welcome to visit our space. It is important to note that the Library Tech Commons is a teaching space and therefore opens up for family use at 3:30pm when the regular school day is over for everybody.
  • Boys in the Fifth Grade and up may visit us unaccompanied so long as they have submitted an After School Use Permission form.

Set Up Your Own Library Account

During A-S Bridge 2.0, you may still check out books under your sons' name.  However, the procedure is different than that described below.  Please click here for details.

[ON HOLD] Every week your son brings home a few books that he has chosen at the library. What you may not realize is that you can sign up for your own account and check out unlimited books to take home to your son! We also give you unlimited time to enjoy the books and just ask that you return the books when you have finished with them. All the research shows that surrounding your son with great books is the surest way to turn him into an avid reader and this is an easy way to do it.  

Volunteer at the Library Tech Commons

If you have volunteered in the Library Tech Commons previously, we could use your help during A-S Bridge 2.0.  Please contact Sarah Kresberg ( if you are interested in helping out.

At Allen-Stevenson, we warmly welcome parents to the Library Tech Commons. Stop by to check out materials or to chat with a librarian about children's books. Consider volunteering with us. The library is a hub of activity, and we could not keep it all going without the help of our amazing library volunteers! More details on volunteering may be found on this Volunteer Information Sheet.

Library Class Schedule

Library Class Schedule

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
KP 10:20-11:05
4DL 10:40-11:20
1S 1:50-2:35

3CAL 9:35-10:20
2H 12:20-1:05
4B 2:20-3:10
KM 10:20-11:05
5H 11:00-11:40
2L 12:20-1:05
8A 8:30-9:35
7B 9:35-10:40*
KT 10:20-11:05
5AN 11:00-11:40
5AR 11:40-12:20
7C 12:05-1:10*
8B 12:05-1:10*
1G 1:50-2:35
7A 8:30-9:35*
8C 8:30-9:35*
6B 11-12:05*
6C 12:05-1:10*
1J 1:50-2:35
6A 8:30-9:35
4C 9:35-10:40
2D 11:05-11:50
3CAM 12:50-1:35
3M 12:50-1:35
*Book Talks in Grades 6-8 occur every other 7-day cycle.

Lost Book Policy

From time to time, a boy may lose a book that he borrowed from the library. Instead of asking families to replace books, we wait until the end of the school year in the hope that a book may be found. We will bill for any necessary replacements at the end of the school year. If you believe that a book is lost, please fill out the Lost Book Form.