Make Design Tinker

Make Design Tinker

Parents, there are so many reasons to raise your son as a maker! Since Renaissance times or even earlier, people have understood the benefits of learning through doing. In addition to learning being ‘stickier’ this way, making gives boys a chance to create things that are genuinely useful and to solve problems. There is something quite wonderful about watching a boy grow in confidence as he develops his maker skills! Take a look at this flyer by Astrid Poot about what you can do to encourage making. 

Give Us Your Junk

From time to time we collect items for our Shed. Currently we are looking for:

Our Make*Design*Tinker Creed

We are the Allen-Stevenson makers.
We follow our curiosity to see where it will take us.
We explore electronics, engineering, programming, arts and crafts, and technology
We solve our own problems and pursue our own interests and passions.
We also take on problems in the world.
We repurpose and repair stuff and see beauty and utility in unwanted items.
We take risks in order to be as creative as possible.
We persevere when solutions evade us and we work through our disagreements.
We share what we’ve learned with people near and far.
We learn skills and processes that will serve us throughout our lives.
We are the Allen-Stevenson makers!
“Making takes time. You should have so much time you can waste it.”
-Astrid Poot 
Make Your Child into a Maker
“Creativity is a by-product of mastery of the sort that is cultivated through long practice.”
-Matthew B. Crawford 
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