Help & Support


Lost or Stolen

If a laptop is lost or stolen, it needs to be immediately reported to the Tech Department and for students, either your Homeroom Teacher (6th Grade) or Advisor (7th - 9th Grade). Once the Tech Department has been notified, it will enable the tracking feature on your laptop.

If the laptop was lost in a cab or on a bus: 
Note the location and time you were dropped off. If you have a receipt or cab number, please provide that information as well. Many times lost laptops are returned to the school. You will need to keep in contact with the transportation company’s lost and found until the laptop is recovered. You will also need to contact the police, fill out a police report, and turn in a copy of that report to the school for insurance purposes.

If the laptop was lost in a rideshare service (Uber, Lyft, Via, etc.): 
Please contact the driver using the procedure outlined on the support pages of the rideshare service.

If the laptop was stolen: 
You will need to contact the police, fill out a police report, and turn in a copy of that report to the Help Desk at the school.

Important Contact Information: 
NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission Lost Property Website
NYPD Precincts: Addresses and phone numbers
MTA NYC Transit: Lost and Found
MTA Headquarters: 212-878-7000
MTA Police Department: 212-878-1001


Students and faculty and staff should immediately report any damage or problems with their computer to the Help Desk located in the Library Tech Commons. If it is determined that a repair is necessary, all warranty and minor repairs will be covered by the School. If damage is determined to be the result of negligence, a fee may be issued to cover the cost of the repair.

If a computer cannot be repaired immediately, a loaner computer will be issued to use while the computer is being repaired. A student whose computer is repeatedly brought in for repair will be required to speak with The Director of Technology, Andy Zevon.