Adi's Reading Challenge 2022

Adi’s Reading Challenge was established in 2012 to honor the life of Allen-Stevenson student and passionate reader Aditya Srinivasan '19. The challenge encourages boys (Grade Four through Grade Seven) to read a number and range of highly acclaimed, newly published books.
The Library team of Ms. Kreseberg, Ms. Storch, and Ms. Garfinkle worked diligently to find books that will encourage the boys' to explore genres and/or topics they may never have previously considered. For every book that makes it into the challenge, there are roughly two books rejected.  

The boys who read a certain number of books were invited to a pizza party, where they were given a chance to discuss and vote (with adorable aliens!) on which books they thought would win The American Library Association (ALA) Medal and honors. Omicron delayed the voting parties this year, so the boys were able to examine how their selection stacked up against the actual results.
To see which books our boys were reading, click here.