The Great Middle School Read!

While school is taking place remotely, we are running a reading competition called The Great Middle School Read. Does your homeroom have what it takes to win a class party? 
The Ground Rules
  1. Books must be at least 150 pages long and be appropriate to your age and reading level. Audio books count.
  2. To qualify for the competition you must have at least 150 pages left to read in your current book on the first day of the competition (or you can start a new book) The first day is Tuesday, March 31st.
  3. The party will not take place unless a class has read at least 25 books (like a minimum bid at an auction) The party will take place when we return to school this year or in the fall.
  4. A parent must sign your reading log each time you finish a book - you will submit this when you return to school
  5. Additionally, each time you finish a book you must reflect on it by completing an evaluation form. When Ms. Okeson receives your evaluation form, your class will get credit for the book.
Here are links to the fiction evaluation form, nonfiction evaluation form, and additional book logs (should you read a great deal!)
See which homeroom is in the lead! The leaderboard is updated by Ms. Okeson once a day on school days.