Adi Reading Awards Party

4th-7th grade boys celebrate their Adi's Challenge reading at a pizza party.
Avid readers across our Middle and Upper School have spent the last few months competing in Adi’s Reading Challenge, named to honor the life of Aditya Srinivasan '19.
Throughout the Reading Challenge, boys read books from a list curated by our Library Tech Commons team, submit a response form, and discuss the book with our Library team. Once done, boys who read the required number of books to qualify (seven books for Fourth and Fifth Grades and five books for Sixth and Seventh Grades) were invited to join a set of voting parties to select their choice for the ALA’s Newbery Medal.
The voting parties, one for Fourth Grade and one for Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grades, took place in the Library Tech Commons last week.
During the book parties, the boys reflected on what kind of book wins the Newbery award. They debated their favorite books with the group, making arguments for the best plots and characters. Each group voted on their favorite book: Fourth Grade chose The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman and the older grades chose Beast Rider by Tony Johnston.
A few of our boys were congratulated for reading the most books: John M. (Grade 5) impressively read all 25 books, followed by Sebastian I.P. (Grade 6) with 18 and Soham S. (Grade 6) with 12.
Library Tech Commons Director Sarah Kresberg highlighted the importance of Adi’s Reading Challenge: “Adi’s Reading Challenge generates a lot of excitement around reading in the Middle and Upper Schools. Conversations about the books abound throughout. Not only do our boys experience the best new children’s literature, but they bond over it!”