Visit by Author Dan Elish

To tie in with our Book Fair this week, author Dan Elish spoke to our 3rd and 4th grade boys about his writing!
The author of ten published novels, Mr. Elish also had a lot in common with his audience. He went to The Collegiate School where he had Allen-Stevenson Headmaster, David Trower, as his teacher and Allen-Stevenson Director of Orchestras, Randy Schrade, as a classmate.
Mr. Elish showed the boys a video introducing himself and shared a bit about his writing process, reading a chapter out loud from his new book, The Royal Order of Fighting Dragons, before opening the floor for questions.
The boys asked Mr. Elish many observant and thoughtful questions. One boy asked, “How do you know when your book is done?” In response, Mr. Elish talked the boys through the publishing process and explained the roles that editors and copy editors play in making sure that a book is ready for print.
When asked by a young aspiring novelist what led to him becoming a writer, Mr. Elish shared that he was inspired by re-reading the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl at the age of 24. His love for this novel was part of what sparked him to pursue a career in children’s literature.
Mr. Elish’s visit coincided with our fantastic 2019 Book Fair! After speaking with the boys, Mr. Elish stopped by the Fair to sign copies of The Royal Order of Fighting Dragons. The Allen-Stevenson Book Fair continues to be a wonderful opportunity for the boys to find exciting books to read over the summer and maintain their love of reading.

A huge thank you to Mr. Elish for taking the time to speak with our boys!