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Library Tech Overview

On Tuesday, October 23, Allen-Stevenson parents took time out of their mornings to participate in Tech Tuesday: an hour-long discussion with our Library Tech Team, during which they learned about the many ways Allen-Stevenson helps prepare our boys for living in a technology-centric world.
During the discussion, our parents heard about password creation and protection, our library and its many offerings, how students use Photoshop and Typing Agent, a learning to type program, in their classrooms, Internet safety through our digital fluency program, and Adi’s Reading Challenge, which expands the scope of books the boys read.
“Parenting in the digital age is tough, and it’s crucial that parents and teachers learn from each other about how our boys are using technology,” said Sarah Kresberg, Library Technology Commons Director. “During Tech Tuesdays, we create a time and space for this to happen. We welcome suggestions from parents about what they want to learn and discuss during Tech Tuesdays. We hope that they always feel comfortable approaching any member of our team to share concerns and ideas or request advice.”
Parents also learned that thanks to three of our Technology team members the School is an Apple Certified Repair Facility!