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The following are instructions for changing your phone's voicemail greeting and password:

  1. Press the message button on your phone
  2. The default password is 8675309 press #
  3. Press 0
  4. Follow the prompts to change your name in the directory and then your outgoing message

Please note that when you receive a voicemail on your phone you will also receive an email to your Outlook account containing an audio attachment and transcription of the message. 

Phone Training Guides and Videos

Audio and Video Conferencing

Our phone system allows users to initiate both audio and video web conferences.

To start using the conferencing features simply visit http://meeting.nexacomm.com and follow the instructions. You will be required to download and install a small video conferencing player.

In order to use the conferencing features you will need to enter your Allen-Stevenson email address followed by a password. Your password is NOT any password you currently use with Allen-Stevenson. Please email Helpdesk to request your password.

Conferencing videos and guides