Faculty & Staff


The Library Tech Commons offers a number of services to faculty and staff. If you don’t see what you need listed here, speak to Sarah Kresberg or Andy Zevon.

About Us

The Technology and Library departments work together to offer and teach tools and skills that complement and reinforce each other in order to meet the information and communciation needs of the boys and teachers.


  • Useful websites
  • Copyright issues
  • Read aloud ideas
  • Digital citizenship dilemmas
  • Reader's Advisory interviews

Contact Information

Circulation Desk: 209
Tech Help Desk: 411

Tech Help

We can help you improve your skills and your lessons!


  • Canvas page design
  • New app selection
  • New app training
  • Database training
  • Copyright friendly image find

We've got your back- just submit a help desk ticket to helpdesk@allen-stevenson.org


  • Assess, set up, and facilitate technology at events
  • Resolve your laptop issues
  • Fix printers and copiers

Teaching partners

We co-plan and co-teach inquiry projects incorporating information literacy, media literacy, and tech tools.


  • Co-design projects
  • Co-lead use of Inquiry framework
  • Citation mini-lessons
  • Information ethics mini-lessons
We make things more fun!


  • Help incorporating coding or robotics into your curriculum
  • Design maker elements for existing or new projects


We've got stuff you need. Suggest things you want us to buy to support the curriculum!


  • Books, magazines, audiobooks
  • Sora from Overdrive- Ebooks
  • Maker carts stocked with tools and supplies
  • A flexible inquiry classroom you can book

Schedule for Library/Book Talk Classes

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
KP 10:20-11:05
4DL 10:40-11:20
1S 1:50-2:35

3CAL 9:35-10:20
2H 12:20-1:05
4B 2:20-3:10
KM 10:20-11:05
5H 11:00-11:40
2L 12:20-1:05
8A 8:30-9:35
7B 9:35-10:40*
KT 10:20-11:05
5AN 11:00-11:40
5AR 11:40-12:20
7C 12:05-1:10*
8B 12:05-1:10*
1G 1:50-2:35
7A 8:30-9:35*
8C 8:30-9:35*
6B 11-12:05*
6C 12:05-1:10*
1J 1:50-2:35
6A 8:30-9:35
4C 9:35-10:40
2D 11:05-11:50
3CAM 12:50-1:35
3M 12:50-1:35
*Book Talks in Grades 6-8 occur every other 7-day cycle.