Boys, welcome to the your virtual Library Tech Commons! On this website you can access help and resources, even when the school is closed. For instance, you could check out an audio book, look up an article in World Book or get some advice about your laptop from our Help Desk. If you like to make things, you will find plenty of ideas in our Make Design Tinker area. This website is a place to learn new things as well as answer your questions about the Library Tech Commons itself. Remember to give us feedback by sending us suggestions. This is a shared space and we can all contribute to making it better!


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Library Class Schedule

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
KP 10:20-11:05
4DL 10:40-11:20
1S 1:50-2:35

3CAL 9:35-10:20
2H 12:20-1:05
4B 2:20-3:10
KM 10:20-11:05
5H 11:00-11:40
2L 12:20-1:05
8A 8:30-9:35
7B 9:35-10:40*
KT 10:20-11:05
5AN 11:00-11:40
5AR 11:40-12:20
7C 12:05-1:10*
8B 12:05-1:10*
1G 1:50-2:35
7A 8:30-9:35*
8C 8:30-9:35*
6B 11-12:05*
6C 12:05-1:10*
1J 1:50-2:35
6A 8:30-9:35
4C 9:35-10:40
2D 11:05-11:50
3CAM 12:50-1:35
3M 12:50-1:35
*Book Talks in Grades 6-8 occur every other 7-day cycle.