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  • Passphrase Rules for 4th Grade

    In 4th Grade at Allen-Stevenson students begin their participation in the laptop 1:1 program. They are supplied with a MacBook Air computer to use in school when their teachers deem it important and necessary. As an introduction to digital safety and security, students create and use a single, simple passphrase that they will use with all of their connected digital accounts.

  • Passphrase Rules for 5th Grade and Above

     1. Begin with your Personal Passphrase which is the password for your laptop.
    A passphrase is three or more words and is difficult to guess. "Giants are great'' is not a good passphrase but "Dogs are friendly beasts" is much harder to guess. Don't use punctuation. 

    2. Each website that you log into will have a different ending based on the name of the website. We add the first TWO LETTERS of the name of the site to the end of your passphrase. Use lowercase letters only with no spaces. Some sites require a number, in this case use the number one.