Comics & Graphics

We have a huge collection of graphic novels in the library. Most boys read titles from about a dozen popular series. Why not discover a graphic novel nobody has ever read and share about it? If you like manga and you are in the Middle School, consider joining Mrs. Kresberg's manga elective this fall.  You will be figuring out what comics to buy and how to get others reading them and just generally having fun reading and talking about manga.

Hidden Gem Graphic Novels

This section features videos of boys giving shout outs to their favorite graphic novels that may be under the radar.  Click here to see more videos or to record your own.

Create your own comics!

Learn how to hand draw comics by using one of our instruction books. The Dewey Decimal number is 741.5. Books about how to draw manga can be found in the manga collection.  Instead of hand drawing you  can try using an online comic generator such as Storyboard That or PowToon.

Share your comics by uploading them to our Creative Corner!