Adi's Reading Challenge

What is Adi's Reading Challenge?

In 2012 we founded Adi’s Reading Challenge in honor of our former student, Aditya Srinivasan, as a way to encourage boys to read highly acclaimed, newly published books. We try to predict which books will win ALA Youth Media Awards, such as the Coretta Scott King Award, the Pura Belpré Award, the Sibert Award, and most especially, the Newbery Medal. The challenge takes place every year from early October to late January.

Who Can Take Part?

Boys in 4th grade and up are invited to take part.
Participation is voluntary, but most boys read at least a few of the titles in our challenge.

How it Works

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    Read the books on our shortlist. There are usually about twenty-five to choose from. A few are either just for 4th and 5th graders or for 6th grade and up but the majority are for everyone.  Click here to see which books are in the challenge.  Many books are available as Sora downloads. You can have somebody read the book aloud to you or listen to it as an audiobook - that still counts!
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    Fill out a form with your thoughts about the book. You will need to log into Google using your Allen-Stevenson email address.
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    Once you have filled out the form and chatted about the book with Ms. Storch, Mrs. Garfinkel, or Mrs. Kresberg and it is evident that you know the book well, you will receive credit for having read the book.  You may claim your prize (yes, there are prizes) and your name will be posted on the wall.  
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     Adi's Challenge Reading Targets
    4th and 5th Grade
    7 books
    6th Grade
    6 books
    7th Grade
    5 books
    8th Grade
    4 books
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    If you read the target number of books for your grade level you will be invited to be part of our Award Selection Committee. You will get to go to a voting party in January, a week before the ALA awards are announced, and eat tons of pizza and Oreos (and vote for the books you think should win awards)!  This year the deadline for submitting online responses about books you've read is Friday, January 14th. 

Why Take Part?

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    First of all, these books will be among the most interesting you have ever read. The library team works hard to find books that are truly special. For every book that makes it into the challenge, there are roughly two books that we read and reject.
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    During the challenge, figuring out the next book you are going to read is easy!
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    You will most likely read books in genres or on topics that you have never considered before. This broadens you as a reader and as a person.
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    You can easily read the same books as your friends so that’s another thing you now have in common.
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    Yes, it must be said, there are prizes involved!  See the bottom of this page for details.
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    It’s fun!

Adi's Challenge Books 2021-2022

Prize Details

Each time you complete an Adi's Challenge book, fill out a Google Form, and successfully check in with a librarian, you may choose a prize from our prize box.

We will also do a prize drawing for Adi's Big 20 Challenge for which, well, you read 20 books! You must fill out the form on the right and have it approved by a librarian by Friday, January 14 to become eligible for the drawing and the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Voucher.  A winner for the challenge will be chosen via an online random name picker during D.E.A.R. on Monday, January 24th.