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Submit a Helpdesk Ticket


The Allen-Stevenson Helpdesk is located on the second floor in the Library Tech Commons. We provide technical support for all Allen-Stevenson devices and services. We are an Apple Authorized Service Provider which allows us to repair all school-owned devices onsite.

While we are always available during school hours for technical support, submitting a helpdesk ticket via email will ensure your issue is properly addressed in a timely manner. Below are some guidelines:

  • Be specific and provide as much information about the issue you are having. Error codes, screenshots (attachments) and anything that changed ‘since the last time it worked’ is exactly the information we need to help figure out the issue.
  • Share any troubleshooting steps you’ve attempted to resolve the issue you’re having.

Example Helpdesk Emails

Bad Example: "I can’t print".

Good Example: I am unable to print a double sided document from Microsoft Word. When I print I receive an error on the printer with code 43.2 and the job never goes through. No error is shown on my computer, however in the printer queue it says “Printer is offline.” I have attempted to reboot the printer and resend the job but it still does not work.