Boys, welcome to the your virtual Library Tech Commons! On this website you can access help and resources, even when the school is closed. For instance, you could check out an audio book, look up an article in World Book or get some advice about your laptop from our Help Desk. If you like to make things, you will find plenty of ideas in our Make Design Tinker area. This website is a place to learn new things as well as answer your questions about the Library Tech Commons itself. Remember to give us feedback by sending us suggestions. This is a shared space and we can all contribute to making it better!


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  • Library Borrowing Resumes!

    The Library Tech Commons is ready to start checking out books! While the space itself is not open, our collection is available, we will be taking orders for books.
    How to borrow books
    1. Log into the catalog using your son’s credentials. (Please don’t use parent library accounts as it will make delivery more complicated.) The catalog is in the top right-hand corner of this page. 
    Your son’s username is your son's first initial, last name and the last two digits of his graduation year. For example: skresberg20
    Graduation years are as follows, K – 30, 1 – 29, 2 – 28, 3 – 27, 4 - 26, 5 - 25, 6 - 24, 7 - 23, 8 - 22
    The password is ‘books’
    2. Find the book(s) that you want and click on the HOLD button.
    How to retrieve books
    • Books will be delivered to boys who are in pods at 78th Street.
    • Books for our other boys will be delivered to the reception. We will send a message to your son’s Canvas account that books are ready if he is not at 78th St.
    A few things to know
    • We take safety seriously. All returned books are aired out for at least 72 hours before being returned to shelves. Requested books are handled wearing gloves and wrapped in Saran Wrap.
    • Not all the books that were checked out in March have been returned yet so you may find that we don’t have some of the books you want; being flexible is key!
    • Wait times will be longer for popular books since some borrowers will not be coming to school regularly and we have to quarantine the books.
    Any questions about library books, library accounts, or anything else to do with the library should be sent via this Google form.
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  • Submit Your Library Questions Here

    Any questions about library books, library accounts, or anything else to do with the library should be sent via this Google form.
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  • What Should I Read Next?

    Check out our reading lists for ideas for what to read and don't forget that we now have digital magazines as well as ebooks on Sora.
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3T  1:30-2:00
3CAL  2:00-2:30
6DR or 6KM 8:30-8:50
KPB 11:00-11:30

1G + 1J   9:45-10:15 KML 12:30-1:00
1A+ 1S

6HP or 6NL 8:30-8:50
2S + 2C
3M 12:30-1
3CAM 2:00-2:30
2H + 2D
KGL 12:30-1:00