Our Philosophy

Library Technology Team Philosophy

The Technology and Library departments work together to offer tools and skills that complement and reinforce each other in order to meet the information and communication needs of the boys, including digital citizenship and media literacy.  We believe that technology and information skills are best acquired when thoroughly integrated into the school’s curricula. Our joint emphasis is on the importance of technology tools for the organization and communication of information.
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The Library Tech Commons Manifesto

The Library Tech Commons is a friendly, inviting, diverse environment where members of the community feel comfortable and welcome at all times. Designed for collaboration, it is a space in which boys from all three divisions enjoy consuming and creating digital and traditional media of all types.  It offers opportunities for boys to reflect and relax, and it functions as a safe haven or simply as an escape from the pressures of their day. Free to follow their inspiration by thinking, reflecting, discovering, and taking ownership of their chosen work, boys are supported by a faculty with expertise in all forms of literacy and educational technology. The Library Tech Commons is a busy space continually patronized by all community members.

A spacious and colorful facility, the Library Tech Commons is designed to inspire, with decor featuring representations from the intellectual world. It is highly adaptable to a variety of uses, through the use of mobile furniture and fixtures. Users can create zones for different activities including group work, quiet study, whole class work, and independent discovery. The design and furniture are ergonomically sound, promoting healthy workplace habits. Open sight lines facilitate easy supervision of the space.

Embodying the integration of technology and the traditional library, the Library Tech Commons has the goal of being a “test kitchen” for boys and teachers to collaborate, be creative and share what they learned from the process. The layout encompasses space for books and periodicals, video and audio production, a shed for making things and a help/circulation desk. The Library Tech Commons includes multiple writable and projectable surfaces, the latest presentation and creation tools, as well as utilitarian equipment such as printers, copiers and numerous charging stations dispersed throughout. There are electronic and physical displays of student and other work. In addition, the Library Tech Commons website has been developed as a 24/7 virtual learning space.

The Library Tech Commons team offers multidisciplinary methods of inquiry and “play,” including library orientation, making, literature studies, research, engineering technology, reading promotion, video and sound recording/editing, book talks, 3-D design and printing, laser production, electronics/circuitry, and computer programming. It is hoped that many adults will be integrated into the effort of encouraging exploration, creation, collaboration, and joy of learning.